America is a nation of laws. It must have borders and it must enforce its laws impartially and consistently. Immigrants must be admitted on a basis of the best interest and needs of American citizens and communities, while asylum policy should properly reflect the generosity at the heart of the American people.


By fostering free-market and state-based solutions, we can deliver citizens from bureaucratic boondoggles, allow for affordable care with the choice of health care provider, and ensure that people with pre-existing conditions don’t fall through the cracks.

Energy & Environment

The United States has the means to lead the world in energy production. Through American ingenuity and innovation, responsible production of reliable energy will make the world safer, our environment cleaner, and each and every citizen more prosperous.

Higher Education

Higher education, to be true to its name, must be more than job training. It must also instruct students in the political, moral, and philosophic foundations of the democratic republic in which they find themselves and of which they shall in time become the leaders.

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